Bikini G-string

It seems that a bikini and a G-string worn separately are sure to get a lot of attention but when you combine the two of them, you get a hot, sizzling bikini G-string. There has never been anything like it on the market until recently. A designer simply seemed to have a creative vision that sent him or her back to their respective drawing boards. Their genius idea culminated in combining the bikini and G-string. In this way, guys can look so much sexier because they will have the opportunity to bare most of their body in public. For men who have sculpted bodies, this is the swimsuit for you when you want to look amazing but with a hint of what is beneath that swimsuit. Of course, you will be approached when you wear such a swimsuit. Others will want your phone number, a date with you, or just be totally bold and ask you back to their place. If this swimsuit design does all of that, just imagine what an even smaller swimsuit will do. 

No models today just me wearing a nice thong to the beach.

koalaswim thong

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Bikini G-string

I love wearing a sexy bikini G-string whenever I can, although there are times when it is not the best option to choose. I live pretty close to a small private beach and I enjoy being able to walk around in just about anything I want. But when I go to the public beach down the road, they have rules that I must follow and one of those rules is that I can’t wear any type of bikini G-string that might cause me to show off too much skin. While I may not agree with this type of rule, I can understand why it needs to be followed, and I will follow the rules to the best of my ability. After all, I do not want to be thrown off the beach and never be able to come back. I could always go to the private beach but there are times when I want to enjoy the larger crowds, and that means I have to leave my G-strings at home. One of these days, I will find a good public beach that does not have thee archaic regulations on swimwear and I will frequent that one instead.