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Bikini G-strings

It’s possible that the Bikini G-string style swimsuits for men might be the best all around beach designs in my opinion and here’s why: I want a swimsuit that barely covers a thing but is still legal at my favorite beaches in San Diego. The deal for men is the same one for women, the genitals need to be covered but as far as I can tell after years of wearing bikini G-strings to the beach and seeing  other men and women doing the same is that the full ass can be exposed. I have read that the anus should not be exposed but my ass been fully exposed hundreds of times with the police cruising right by me, never has one said to cover up to me or anyone else I know male or female that wearing tiny micro G-strings.  Sure I wish our beaches allowed complete and total nude sunbathing but the only one around here is Blacks Beach but it’s a ride and a decent hike albeit it is an awesome nude beach and I try to visit it as often as possible. When I can’t the bikini G-string is my answer to almost nude sun bathing. Men that are interesting in trying them need to take some lessons from the girls. If you are going to wear a micro suit and get as close to nude tanning as possible you will need to completely shave or have you pubic hair waxed like the girls do. It is totally worth it.

String bikini
bikini G-string

Be Sexy in a Bikini G-string

Something that guys are starting to understand the value of is how to be sexy while wearing a bikini G-string. This works particularly well when they are strolling along the white sugar sands of the beach or even just riding some ocean waves. Surfers can really be attention grabbers when they wear a G-string type of bikini because they look so delicious out riding waves while most of their bodies are bare. Granted, many surfers choose to wear surfer shorts when out riding those waves and that is perfectly fine. However, the guys who choose to wear less are typically the ones who get the most attention and the ones who get hit on the most. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those guys? Going home with new phone numbers, being asked out, and even asked to go back to their places? Sure you would! Why not give it a try?

Wearing a Bikini G-string for Confidence

Wearing a bikini G-string is one of those things that you think will never happen to you. Most guys feel that designs like this are only worn by women and guys who have lost their minds in some way, but the truth is they are fascinating options for any guy to wear. You never really know just how confident you can be until you throw something like this on and start walking around in public. Of course, you are going to get quite a few stares in your direction, but that is all part of the fun. Once people get used to seeing you strut your stuff in a bikini G-string you will notice that they will encourage you to wear even skimpier designs in the future. Just do not get too far ahead of yourself, though, as there are some designs that are going to upset those same people that want to see how far you will go with your G-strings. Mostly though, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and have as much fun in your life as you can because that is what really matters.

Bikini G-string for a Hot Night

Anyone who has not lived with their head buried in the sand during the least two or three years is familiar with the Magic Mike movies. If you are among the high number of people who have seen these movies, you probably noticed that each stripper wore a bikini G-string that revealed ninety nine percent of their bodies. Of course, they began their dances with plenty of clothes on so it was even more exciting when those clothes started to come off, revealing a shiny golden G-string on each dancer. That made the primarily female audience go into screams of ecstasy. Plenty of men seemed to enjoy looking at those G-string clad bodies as they gyrated, bumped and ground their way on the stage. Most of the time, there were some very lucky ladies who were brought up on the stage for some extra special attention. Basically, if you would like to have a truly hot night with your partner, you should give those bikini G-strings a try. You never know how hot it can become until you test it.

Wear a Bikini G-string Proudly

Not everyone can wear a bikini G-string and get the right kind of attention on the beach. There are a lot of people that still think something of this nature should only be worn by really sexy women and, whether they are right or not; there are a lot of guys that are starting to wear them. Guys want to be thought of as sexy just like those women and there is nothing wrong with that. The manliest man out there can wear a bikini G-string and look like a million dollars if he wants to. It should not matter what other people think anyway. If you want to wear a G-string, you should not have to feel persecuted for doing so. You should be able to go out to the beach and have just as much fun as everyone else is having. Although you might want to make sure your G-string fits correctly before you go walking out that door just to be on the safe side.

Men and the Bikini G-string: A Whole New World of Options

When most people hear the words “bikini G-string,” they may picture a model on the cover of a gentleman’s magazine or a celebrity in a movie wearing some cute, skimpy underwear. However, some men may picture a sexy little pair for themselves. For the men who like more delicate, feminine guys, a bikini G-string can really bring out those attractive, sensual features. A bikini G-string does not have to be a dull color. In fact, underwear for men can be quite colorful or even complete with cute patterns. Most men can look sexy in a pair of lace underwear, but any man can feel sexy in a G-string. Bikini G-strings can also be made of lace, spandex, cotton, polyester, mesh, and many more different types of fabrics. The options for this style of men’s underwear are really limitless. Any type of comfortable, sexy underwear you can think of is made available at your fingertips with a large selection of online stores that offer unique underwear like this for men.

Wearing a bikini G-string and filling the pouch


I have been wearing all sorts of hot spandex swimwear for years and I know it is not always easy to fill the pouch of a swimsuit but there are tricks. Some men’s penises are very small when flaccid, like mine and some are very small when flaccid or erect, like mine. That has never been a problem when wearing sexy swimwear. The biggest secret is that small cocks look great in spandex bikinis.  I love wearing bikinis and thongs with just a hint of the head showing through the fabric and I know many other men who enjoy the same. People cannot tell if you are only ½” long or 6” because with the head facing directly into the fabric it is compressed down. All men look small this way and it is one of the most preferred ways to wear spandex swimwear. People looking at your pouch can tell how much girth you have. Mine is very small in all directions but it looks great in spandex and my boyfriend loves to see me wearing tiny little bikinis. After all that if you still want a nice size bulge, sometimes I do too you will need to know the biggest secret of men who are into wearing sexy micro swimsuits: Cock rings! Wearing a cock ring is fun and easy. If you are new to them you are in for a treat because they feel so amazing fitted snugly around your penis. They keep your penis full and hard and will make even a very small penis look nice and large under a bikini G-string. A cock ring will give you shape and size that you have only seen in your dreams. One of the best places I found for high end cock rings at great prices is the Male Chastity Store. They offer a wonderful selection of cock rings and cages. They offer rings to fit the smallest to the largest penis sizes.